Founded at the beginning of 2017, Mean Team was born as a burning idea which involved professionals in game developing. Senior publishers, journalist, graphic designers, sound specialist, developers and marketing consultants having a wide experience in main stream titles. Our work aims to create gamer-centred designed products: our games are your games, that's the idea. Italian game industry is evolving, so here we are. The Mean Team, new Italian "kids on the block" on game development.
We are working on a brand new IP. An Action/strategic game called “Worst Idea Ever”... nothing can go wrong! News coming very soon.


Andrea Valtriani Co-Founder
Daniele Lucchini Co-Founder
Fausto Ceccarelli Senior Producer
Simone Chiarelli Developer
Davide Cecchi Sound Designer
Stefano Bertelli Graphic designer
Omar Chelos Graphic designer


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